Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tomato and chile seedling sale!!

Not much left, but what is left, you can get for a great deal, and if you get them in your garden now, you'll still have plenty of time to get chiles and tomatoes in late summer. I've only got 2-4 left of each variety, so if you see something you want, grab it now!

Heirloom Tomato seedlings $.75/ea.
St. Pierre
Black plum paste
Oregon Spring Bush
Matt's wild cherry
Paul Robeson
Chocolate Stripe
Martian Giant
Azochyka Russian
Oaxaca Pink
Cherokee Purple

Mystery Tomato seedlings, .25/ea

My "helpers" swear they had a great system for labeling the seedlings when we repotted them, but the only problem was they forgot to tell me what their great system was. As a result, i have a couple dozen tomato seedlings that will be a good surprise for you when they actually start producing. My best guess, based on how i've interpreted the secret labeling system my helpers used is that they are probably tigerella, St. Pierre, or Garden Peach, but i can't be sure.

Chile and Pepper seedlings $1.00/ea.
Numex Big Jim
Cal Wonder Green Bell
Purple Beauty Bell
Numex Sandia
Rio Grande
Large Thai
Thai hot
Red Habanero

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